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Company profile

Company profile

Rev. Lloyds hardware products co., LTD., founded in zhuhai2012Years£¬Located in the beautiful coastal city of zhuhai£¬Has been committed to various types of consumer electronic products£¬The hardware of apparel products£¬Research and development of plastic products,Production and sales.And get the customer the consistent high praise¡£ The company has3000Square production workshop£¬From Japan and TaiwanCNCCarved machine£¬Drilling and tapping center26Taiwan£¬Automatic CNC lathe12Taiwan£¬The domestic press12Taiwan£¬Precision grinder inside and outside1Taiwan£¬A variety of machining equipment18Taiwan¡£Quality department have two yuan£¬ROHSInstrument, such as testing equipment10Taiwan. Management products are mainly divided into the following four categories£º A¡¢Metal stamping products series£ºMainly engaged in metal stamping parts£¬Mould design and production£¬Including continuous stamping mold and metal products processing£¬The main products are£ºCopper¡¢Stainless steel£¬Aluminium material¡¢Profiles¡¢Bracket and a series of stamping products¡£ 2¡¢Lathe processing series£ºMainly engaged in precision automatic lathe¡¢...

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